There’s trouble a-FOOT

I’m stuck. A simple mistake has determined the next month of my life. I have never broken a bone, pulled a muscle, or been seriously injured. I thought it was tragic because, for me, I hadn’t known the feelings and obstacles something like this would bring. I fractured the outside bone in my right foot and, for a moment, it was terrifying. I can’t walk. I needed to be rolled out of the hospital in a wheelchair. I scared myself into believing the worst. My mind went to thoughts of not being able to walk again, I can’t spend time with people. I’m going to be serving a two-month sentence confined to my room. My head was going a mile a minute coming up with ever reason in that moment why my life was going to be a living nightmare.







But then that moment passed. I came back down to reality and realized, DUH it’s not life threatening. Injuries happen. You take it as it is, do what you can, and move on with your life. I’m supposed to stay off my foot for 6-8 weeks, a blimp in the reflection of time. Why was I allowing this to control my view on my future? Why do I allow my negative feelings to dictate my future?

I don’t have an answer for that. Right now I have a busted foot. Otherwise, I am completely healthy. But it’s not that easy for many. I’m getting a minuscule glimpse of the regular things that happen to regular people behind the scenes. When something big happens, we may sometimes think how singular our problem is and how it’s NEVER happened to someone else. But it does. Life happens. I found out my dad had broken both his feet in high school, a story I had never heard before. Life happens. I wasn’t going to let this de-FEET me. I’m standing up for myself and realizing what I can do from where I am

Getting hurt, facing obstacles, and enduring conflicts are all part of what it means to be human, isn’t it? Facing that struggle together is what makes us kind and compassionate. It’s another life lesson some people have to figure out the hard way, I guess. Before I put my foot in my mouth more *pun intended*, let me just share this with you;

Don’t be afraid of messing up sometimes. Learn to accept the things that are coming to you because oftentimes you have no control over it. (Except I had control of how fast I was running on a jungle gym). Just foot for thought. (By the way, if you haven’t guessed, I LOVE puns)


I don’t know why I wanted to start this blog. I ramble often and, with being confined to my bed for the foreseeable future, I figured this could be an intellectually stimulating alternative to finding memes on 9gag all day. Maybe I just needed the feeling of journaling or the possibility that my story could have some minuscule effect on you. Who knows?


If you are still reading this, I wish I could give you a cookie. You’re the real MVP. You will have to settle for this virtual waffle instead.


Actually……. That waffle looks too good


Its mine now



Credit for the picture goes to



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